Hi. I'm Ken.

I develop, maintain, and fix code.

I'm also a trained electrical engineer who, by day, researches and develops precision oscillators for GPS, femtocell, and Cospas-Sarsat applications.

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Curriculum Vitae

Electrical engineering I went to Northern Illinois University to become an engineer. While I was there, I managed the kitchen at a local restaurant, played rugby in CARFU, and produced albums for bands in the local scene.

I also became an engineer

My education and training is in low-voltage electronics and engineering. My passion is software. I've coded solutions for tiny embedded projects and giant enterprise applications. I make big problems seem small and small problems seem important. To anyone who wants to collaborate or needs anything at all, please get in touch.



I use lots of tools

Python, JavaScript C, C#, Visual Basic, and SQL

I target different systems

ARM, Windows, OS X, and embedded Linux

I live and work in Chicagoland

Bears, White Sox, pizza, and hot dogs

I like

old bikes, local beer, working dogs, and live music



Tel: (708) 304 3041